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Oaky Creek Coal Mine

Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia
Oaky Creek Coal Mine is located between the mining towns of Tieri and Middlemount in Central Queensland. The mine has two underground operations and a coal preparation plant. The underground operations are modern, state-of-the art longwall operations with associated development works.

Oaky Creek Coal produces two premium quality, medium volatile coking coals, one of the most sought after Bowen Basin coking coals. Coal is exported through eastern seaports in Mackay and Gladstone to Japan, Asia, Europe, North Africa and South America.

The Oaky Creek Coal mining operation commenced open cut dragline operations in 1982 with saleable coal being produced in December 1983. Underground mining commenced in July 1989 with longwall operations established at Oaky No. 1 Mine in 1990. Development work for a second underground longwall mine commenced at Oaky North Mine in 1995 and longwall coal was first produced in February 1999. Open cut operations ceased in December 2006.

Oaky Creek Coal is a joint venture between Glencore (55%), Sumisho Coal Australia P/L (25%), Itochu Coal Resources Australia P/L (10%) and ICRA OC P/L (10%).
Project Snapshot
Project Name
Oaky Creek Coal Mine
Project Type
Operating Mine
Commodity Group
Mine Type
Underground Mine
Mining Method
Longwall Mining
Glencore (55%), Sumisho Coal Australia Pty Ltd (25%), Itochu Coal Resources Australia Pty Ltd (10%) and ICRA OC Pty Ltd (10%)

Project Location
17 km east-southeast of Tieri in Queensland, Australia
Geology & Mining
Mining Region
Bowen Basin
Coal Measures
German Creek Formation
Coal Type
Metallurgical Coal
Deposit Type
Contractors & Consultants
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Coal Augering Services was established in 2003 and is based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with operations in Central Queensland.

To date, Coal Augering Services has achieved a number of Australian production records for surface auger mining, which include:

Auger hole depth of 203 m (single auger)

Production of 2,437 t in a single shift

Production of 10,000 t in a 5-shift week

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Feasibility studies for greenfields projects

Sirovision structural mapping and analysis

Monitoring and surveillance of geotechnical hazards

Geotechnical awareness and skills training

Expert opinion, and third party and peer reviews

Research and development

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