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Coal Augering Services (CAS) offers a turnkey high productivity contract auger mining service, enabling safe and economic access to reserves which are otherwise inaccessible. Coal Augering Services is able to undertake all works from pit cleanup through ... Moreto product haulage to run-of-mine (ROM).

Coal Augering Services was established in 2003 and is based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with operations in Central Queensland.

To date, Coal Augering Services has achieved a number of Australian production records for surface auger mining, which include:

Auger hole depth of 203 m (single auger)

Production of 2,437 t in a single shift

Production of 10,000 t in a 5-shift week

Coal Augering Services values its commitment to health, safety and environmental responsibility. This is integral to the way we do business. Coal Augering Services is committed to continual improvement in its performance and aspires to a goal of zero harm to people and the environment.
Founded in 2006 by Alan Vickery, Rock on Ground's first commission was a Rio Tinto project located at Hope Downs. The initial focus: providing specialised close to infrastructure blasting, with the blasthole drilling to be sub-contracted. The company ... Moregrew quickly as the civil work increased with the major iron ore expansions by Rio Tinto, BHP, FMG and then Roy Hill. In 2010 ROG move into providing drill and blast services for mining contracts and secured its first gold mining contract with Saracen Gold Mines at Carosue Dam. Thanks to continued growth and expansion, the company today boasts a mixed fleet of top hammer, DTH hammer and RC grade control drill rigs, with 24 drill rigs in the fleet. The company also runs its own fleet of IEE Bulk Explosive trucks and provides dedicated on-site bulk explosive storage facilities.
Brilly specialises in mine water management solutions, HDPE poly welding, and support services for clients in the mining sector. Other core services include emergency pipeline repairs, minor earthworks, and equipment and personnel hire.... More

Our team has the capacity to deliver on small or large projects – from designing and constructing a complete pipeline system to one-off pipeline repairs. Every member of our team is fully certified in their area of expertise, and trained to comply with strict OH&S standards.

Together, our team is backed by more than 100 years of mine site experience. We know the importance of working safely, to a deadline, and within budget. We can customise our services to suit your unique requirements, and we ensure all projects are completed to high standards of quality.
New Concept Mining (NCM) are proud to be part of making underground a safer place to work for thousands of people every day. As international leaders in the design, development and production of Mine Support Technology, we continuously work with our ... Moreclients to successfully research and develop products that contribute to increased safety and consequently increased productivity, for mining operations.

For over 30 years, our in-house rock engineers with extensive underground mining experience, supported by a team of mechanical and industrial engineers have been researching and developing mine support and associated products. Our high volume Manufacturing facilities utilise state of the art production systems for the manufacture of world class, safety critical products. With a worldwide presence and sophisticated production and distribution channels, we are well equipped to provide exceptional service to customers across the world.

New Concept Mining supplies a comprehensive range of roof support products, rock monitoring systems and associated accessories for underground mining operations.

Product categories supplied include:

Rock support tendons for static and dynamic support

Pre-stressing devices for timber elongates and pack support

Safety netting for temporary areal support

Welded mesh for permanent areal support

Monitoring systems for detection and early warning of rock movement

New Concept Mining is internationally accredited to ISO 9001:2015. Through stringent application of quality controls and process improvements the current operational failure rate of products is constantly improving and meets the most demanding international standards.
AUS-ROV utilise Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) technology to provide safe and effective access to hazardous environments remotely. We perform inspection, survey and intervention using ROVs. ... More

Significant advances in robotic technology is helping industries achieve safer and more reliable productivity when operating within hazardous environments via use of remote control technologies. AUS-ROV harnesses these remotely operated robotic systems'​ capabilities to provide a safer methodology in performing inspection or intervention tasks in hostile environments such as underwater. Through the use of ROV technology, we are eliminating the safety risk associated with human interaction in underwater, hazardous and previously unreachable areas.

AUS-ROV considers the health, safety and well-being of everyone, including the communities in which we do business, to be of most significant importance when planning & delivering ROV Projects.

Consideration of the environment is treated with utmost importance. All AUS-ROV operational objectives encompass a zero harm policy to ensure the ecosystems we work within do not sustain any negative impacts during the course of our activities.

There is no compromise for quality at AUS-ROV. Our personnel have extensive experience in marine operations and their professional yet personable attitude facilitates positive outcomes every time.

Our world class team of highly skilled individuals incorporates professionals from such fields as hydrographic surveying, electronic & mechatronic engineering, structural integrity engineering, naval architecture, geophysics, construction project management and ROV Pilot/Technician.

AUS-ROV's inventory of customised ROVs, crawlers, drones, support vessels and specialist tooling offers solutions to a diverse field of remote access tasks.

Technical solutions to complex problems are our expertise so please consider AUS-ROV for your next project.
For over 40 years Robertson Geo has pioneered the development of wireline logging instrumentation technologies and techniques. The comprehensive range of geophysical logging solutions and software is developed and built at its North Wales manufacturing ... Moreand calibration centre. On-site test facilities include a 100m test borehole, calibration blocks, ovens and autoclaves capable of testing complete probe assemblies in “real world” conditions, providing a full suite of traceable calibration and quality assurance data.

From the Arctic to Australia, from coal mines to windfarms, energy developments to sky-reaching superstructures, Robertson Geo technologies have been used to acquire quality geophysical data from over 160 countries around the globe. As an end user of its own products, the Robertson Geo engineering feedback loop from direct field experience fosters a continuous improvement culture driven by own use, leading to mature systems that are truly "industry hardened" innovative products.

No project is too small, no project too large or challenging.
At Unique Core Products Africa (UCP Africa), we strive for product and service excellence. We offer unbeatable service, with top quality products at the best available price. We are consistently looking for new ways to assist our clients in making their ... Moreprojects as accurate and cost effective as possible.

UCP Africa has been developing and growing over the past 3 years. We recently welcomed aboard new staff members, all with the same UCP Africa attitude to product and service excellence.

Grant Wilson (Managing Director) has managed to establish critical distribution rights for specalist products, which together with their own innovative core solutions, ensures there is a complete product offering for our clients.

We use our extensive experience in the mining and exploration industries, to develop products that provide inherent benifits for all our clients.

The UCP Africa Core Tray Range offers a unique aspect of efficiency, where core access and visibility have played a key role in the design of the tray itself. This makes the UCP Africa core tray work faster, easier and safer than ever before, all done with cost effectiveness still in mind.
Dynamics G-Ex is an Australian geology supply store and mining equipment manufacturer that is growing out of one simple belief; Mining professionals, Geologists, Fieldies, and Core Shed personnel should spend more time in the field – what they love; ... Moreand less time behind their desks.

For as long as we can remember the great predicament our mining professionals have had, is that as highly trained, specialist individuals are spending hours a day doing stuff they've been roped into which they neither love or gain fulfilment from – Life Should be Easier.

We believe that today so much responsibility lies with our mining professionals in literally making our world operate; from the copper, gold, and silver used in our estimated 7 billion mobile phones, to the approx 1.2 billion cars on the road in which the iron ore we mine is used to make the steel bodies. It's been the great people out in the field making these discoveries that has allowed these great inventions to even happen.

Our mining professionals have the inbuilt desire to spend their days in our great outdoors, to search, explore and define the next big deposit that becomes a great and prosperous mine. Little do most people know that it's our mining professionals that allow the world we have today to develop this far and continue to function well into the future. Dynamics believe in getting these great people from behind their desks, out of their offices and into the field so that they can explore for the next big discovery! And when they get there we make their lives easier by supplying the best, easier to use geological products faster than anyone else for the transportation and storage of the precious rock for many years to come.

The one value we hold us dear to us is in all our dealings and product offerings, is to give our very best. Never will we compromise on product quality, safety or service in order to secure a 'single order'. Once the client needs the best product they will know they can rely on us to deliver it. Remember for us it's about being the best, not the biggest...growth will follow but never at the expense of us giving our best every time.
Studio Prof. Marchetti was founded by Professor Silvano Marchetti, inventor of the Flat Dilatometer (DMT) and Engineer Diego Marchetti, developer of the Seismic Dilatometer (SDMT) and Medusa DMT, which are protected by international patents.... More

Production, testing and service of the equipment takes place in Studio Prof. Marchetti's offices in Rome, Italy. The equipment is distributed worldwide in over 70 countries, and the tests are coded in international standards such as ASTM, Eurocode and ISO.

Studio Prof. Marchetti invests considerable energy and resources in technological innovation, to enhance its existing products and explore new solutions in geotechnical soil testing. It cooperates with Universities and Institutes on a global-scale for research surrounding geotechnical site investigation and geotechnical engineering.