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The Alpha Coal Project is a well-known thermal coal deposit within the Galilee Basin in Central Queensland, Australia. The deposit has massive resources of thermal coal in the premium location of the basin. Described as the jewel in the crown of the Galilee, the Alpha Coal Project will be a 32 Mtpa open-cut coal mine, with the potential for the future ... Moredevelopment of significant underground reserves. The open-cut operation has an expected mine life of 30 plus years, with sufficient Joint Ore Resources Committee (JORC) compliant resources to extend the project life well beyond 30 years. The Alpha Coal and Kevin's Corner combined resource is 7.9 billion tonnes of JORC compliant thermal coal. 

The project deposit lies within the late Permian Colinlea and Bandanna Formations. The Galilee Basin is a world-class location consisting of four main thermal coal seams suitable for the global export market. Within the deposit there is additional potential for liquefaction and gasification.

The coal seams dip gently from east to west varying in thickness from 5 metres to 8 metres, which enables high production open-cut mining.

Exploration to date has concentrated on the shallow coal suitable for open-cut mining, with the potential for resources to be substantially upgraded with further drilling to the west.
The Norte Abierto Gold-Copper Project is being developed under a 50/50 joint venture between Goldcorp Inc and Barrick Gold Corporation. The two gold-copper deposits, acquired in 2017 and formerly named Cerro Casale and Caspiche, are 12 kilometres apart in the Atacama region of northern Chile.
The Project China Stone involves the construction and operation of a large-scale thermal coal mine on a greenfield site at the northern end of the Galilee Basin in Central Queensland, Australia. The mine will produce up to 55 Million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of Run of Mine (ROM) coal, which equates to approximately 38 Mtpa of thermal coal for the export ... Moremarket. The mine life will be in the order of 50 years. 

Coal will be mined using both open cut and underground mining methods. Open cut mining operations will involve multiple draglines and truck and shovel pre-stripping. Underground mining will involve up to three operating longwalls in two underground mining areas. Coal will be washed and processed on site and product coal will be transported from the site by rail.

The project is currently permitted under Exploration Permit Coal 987 (EPC987) by the Queensland Government's Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.
BlackEarth's Ianapera Graphite Project covers an area of around 31 km². The Project lies 60 km north of the Maniry Graphite Project and consists of a series of high-grade outcrops of graphite mineralisation within a broader graphite trend. These high-grade, near-surface exposures of graphite have the potential, collectively, to meet a resource target. ... MoreImportantly, they lie atop a large conductive body, as defined by VTEM™. Graphite is highly conductive, so this may indicate the presence of a large graphitic mineralised system.

Previous exploration, consisting of geophysical interpretation, detailed mapping and outcrop sampling, has identified three target areas with currently delineated dimensions up to 800 m long by 30 m wide. Rock-chip results of more than 15% total graphite content (TGC) have been consistently collected across these positions.

BlackEarth considers that the Ianapera Graphite Project has the potential to host a series of large-scale graphite deposits. Like the Maniry Graphite Project, it has already been the focus of quality exploration that will allow a quick transition to resource evaluation.

The mineralisation is in most cases outcropping, which will allow relatively shallow drilling and trenching to delineate resources in a timely manner. While metallurgical test work will be required to determine the quality of the graphite mineralisation, the preliminary petrographic work is encouraging.
Vitrinite acquired 100% of the Karin Basin asset on the 30th of August 2016. An initial exploration program comprising of 9,155 m drilled over 54 exploration holes including 5 partially cored holes and 49 chip holes has been carried out by Vitrinite. This exploration was based on data from 1980’s recently made public by the Department of Natural Resources ... Moreand Mines.

Results of Vitrinite’s recent exploration exceeded expectations based on historical results, particularly in coal quality of at least five seams over the target area. Further drilling has increased confidence that at least two main seams are persistent and correlatable over the target area.

High fluidity coking coals are currently in high demand from steel mills globally due to recent supply reductions. Mine closures including BHP Billiton’s Gregory Crinum have contributed to this and create a gap in the market for high fluidity coal.

The Karin Basin contains multiple, thick coal seams with exceptional coking coal properties

Close to rail, water and power infrastructure as well as services in Clermont

Clean seams up to 4.5 m thick

Banded seams up to 16 m thick

CSN of 6.5 – 9, high fluidity and high yield at low ash

Open Cut and Underground

High potential to discover more resource across a large project area

Depth Range: 30 m – >200 m
The Kevin's Corner Coal Mine development is a well delineated thermal coal deposit in a premium location of the Galilee Basin, Queensland, Australia. Kevin's Corner is located immediately to the north and adjacent to the preceding Alpha Coal Project. ... More

The Kevin's Corner thermal coal deposit is owned by Hancock Galilee Pty Ltd (HGPL), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the GVK Group. It was previously owned by Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd until 2011. 

The Kevin's Corner mine development is based upon a JORC (Joint Ore Reserves Committee, 2004) compliant resource of 4.2 Bt, including 473 Mt in reserve category, modelled from drilling of approximately 800 drill holes since the 1970s.

The deposit exhibits excellent characteristics for high productivity underground longwall mining, supported by open-cut operations. Studies have indicated a high potential for long and wide high-reach longwall panels with simple mine development roadway access, enabling high volume, high productivity, low cost underground longwall mining. 

Kevin's Corner mine plan is designed around a stand-alone mining project that will stage the ramp up to full production over a period of 5 to 7 years after a 2-year construction period to first coal. 

The Kevin's Corner Coal Project is anticipated to employ thousands of people throughout its productive life. The workforce is anticipated to peak at approximately 2,500 people during construction, with a workforce of 1,600 to 1,800 during operations phase depending on the final mine configuration.
BlackEarth's Maniry Graphite Project covers an area of approximately 143 km². The project is reached by way of 40 km of secondary dirt roads heading north of Ampanihy, a large regional township in southern Madagascar. Previous systematic exploration at Maniry revealed that it hosts a large-scale graphite mineralised system. Preliminary work on most ... Moreof the defined targets has been completed. Thus, BlackEarth considers the Maniry Project to be at an advanced stage of exploration. Indicated and Inferred resource results from recent drilling confirm consistent, thick, outcropping high grade graphite results. The area remains open to further discovery to the North West, however the already large (7 km by 3 km) project area is well positioned to pursue its exploration target of between 260-380 Mt of graphite at 6-8% Total Graphitic Carbon (TGC).

In addition, previous exploration has defined at least 34 large-scale zones of prominently outcropping graphite mineralisation over an area 6.5 km by 2.5 km. Individual lenses within that area have strike extensions of up to 1.8 km and can attain widths of up to 350 m. Sampling of the mineralisation indicates consistent grades with low variability and the potential for areas of very high-grade mineralisation (peak result 50.78% TGC; results typically yielded are 7-20% TGC). Field assessment of the graphite flake size demonstrates that it is consistently coarse. Previously completed petrological analysis of selected samples has confirmed the high quality of the graphite.

Given the large aerial extent, outcropping and (in most cases) flat-lying nature of the graphite mineralisation at Maniry, BlackEarth is confident that the prospects can be upgraded to JORC-compliant resources in a very efficient manner, a process aided by the fact that the variability of the mineralisation seems highly predictable, based on data to hand.
Pembroke Resources is developing the Olive Downs Coking Coal Project into a world class independent and large-scale producer of metallurgical coal, delivering high quality coking coal and PCI products to key markets including Japan, South Korea, China and India.
The Rio Blanco Copper-Molybdenum Project is a world-class mega copper deposit, considering its cut-off grade of 0.4%, with the estimated resource being 7.16 Mt of copper metal and 280 Kt of molybdenum metal. The concession was first established in 2002 by the British company Monterrico Metals, and 90 percent of the company was later acquired by a consortium ... Moreof Chinese companies headed by Zijin Mining Group Ltd. Together these companies have formed Rio Blanco Copper SA.
The South Galilee Coal Project (SGCP) is located southwest of the township of Alpha, approximately 180 kilometres west of Emerald in the Galilee Basin, Queensland, Australia. The SGCP thermal coal is at depths suitable for both open cut and underground mining. The proposed mine life is 33 years.... More

The development of the South Galilee Coal Project (SGCP) consists of an initial 3 Mtpa truck and shovel open cut development with coal exported through the Port of Gladstone. Initial 3 Mtpa development will utilise existing Alpha-Emerald-Blackwater rail system through the Port of Gladstone. Minimal rail line upgrades required as development will utilise new age rolling stock which reduces axle loads.

SGCP then has the ability to expand to 〜15 Mtpa in the longer term once market demand and greenfield rail infrastructure has been developed.

〜15 Mtpa expansion case is a large scale 〜5 Mtpa open cut operation utilising draglines and concurrent 〜10 Mtpa underground dual longwall operation.

The expansion relies on third party access to a new railway to Abbot Point, port capacity at Abbot Point and the provision of an external power and water supply in conjunction with the other southern Galilee Basin mining proponents.