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Borehole Wireline was established in 2005 with the burning ambition to provide the highest quality wireline services to the Australian mining industry. Since that time, Borehole Wireline has established an enviable track record in the provision of quality logging data in a safe and reliable manner.... More

Our clients, both large and small, all receive the same high quality service and results, whether their projects be based in Australia or overseas.

Being Australian owned and operated with a head office in Adelaide and bases in the Pilbara, Darwin and in the Bowen Basin, Borehole Wireline is well placed to accurately and cost effectively define a wide range of resources.

These include coal, iron ore, uranium and assisting in geotechnical investigations.

When you work with Borehole Wireline you enjoy the benefit of many years of experience in providing timely and accurate results, even in the most remote and trying conditions.

This experience combined with qualified people, high quality equipment and a dedication to back up systems and safety, means that you are in reliable hands when speed and accuracy matter.

Mobilising from Darwin, Alice Springs (NT) – Moranbah (Qld) – Adelaide (SA) – Newman, Paraburdoo (WA).
Blackrock Mining Solutions (BMS) provides professional technical consulting and contracting services to both the mining and civil sectors. Our aim is to deliver quality solutions to our clients by providing a full range of services across the geotechnical and mining disciplines. BMS provides a range of geotechnical services to the coal mining industry, ... Moreincluding strata characterisation, operational geology and geotechnical consulting, along with having extensive experience in mining method selection studies, mine planning and reserve optimisation. In addition, we specialise in project management and the delivery of project outcomes to clients expectations, particularly in conjunction with our specialist drilling division.

The drilling division has a wide range of expertise in ground pre-consolidation services, fault delineation and gas conformance testing, as well as certain geotechnical testing and core sampling. BMS also provides a range of geological services to the mining industry, including; exploration planning, exploration management, rig supervision, resource evaluation and mining reconciliation.

BMS has senior level staff with many years of experience in the Geotechnical and Coal Mining industries within both Australia and New Zealand, including basins in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australian coalfields, along with New Zealand's various coal basins.

Furthermore, Blackrock Geotechnical, a subsidiary of Blackrock Mining Solutions, provides geotechnical and geological services to the civil engineering industry, including site investigation services, geotechnical drilling/coring, geological logging of rock/soil core, and the generating of geotechnical reports under a chartered professional engineer.
EARTH AI invented breakthrough mineral targeting technology that found copper, zinc and vanadium mineral prospects >100X cheaper and faster than traditional mineral exploration by training on continent-wide Remote Sensing, Geophysical and Exploration datasets to predict and find minerals in unexplored areas!
Australian owned and operated, Terrex has been operating continuously in Australia for over 30 years. Terrex provide a one-stop-shop for "World's Best Practice" onshore seismic acquisition, with all essential services provided in-house. We are the largest supplier of land seismic acquisition services in Australia and have conducted over 900 programs.... More

Terrex owns the largest fleet of onshore seismic sources in Australia, from ultra-light, 15,000lb Peak Force low impact 4x4 EnviroVibes to highway legal 50,000lb Peak Force 6x6 Truck Vibrators and 60,000lb Peak Force 4x4 Articulated Buggy Vibrators suitable for desert operations. We offer clients a range of seismic source options that are specifically suited to the terrain and any accessibility constraints. These source options may include man-portable, heliportable, 4x4 tractor mounted and 6x6 heavy truck mounted drills and weight drop units.

In addition to these options, we are able to offer purpose-built acquisition crews, designed to enable seismic clients the largest geographical reach, including all-terrain remote desert crews, road crews and low-environmental impact crews.

Terrex aims to continually utilise and develop the latest technology, including:

High resolution 3D acquisition (point source - point receiver methodology)

Source driven acquisition for 2D and 3D

Point source acquisition using hi-force seismic vibrators

Heliportable vibrator and shot-hole dynamite source 2D and 3D

Multi-component 3D acquisition

Cable less 2D and 3D seismic recording systems

Improved real-time acquisition quality control

Varisweep sweep technology

Stakeless real time GPS Surveying
PGC Group Consulting offers specialist geophysical/geological services to the mining, exploration and geotechnical industries. PGC Group Consulting is also offering tenure management and legal compliance by its lawyer, Jillian Langford. Exploration Management... More
From small specific projects or surveys to corporate level operations management, including:

Programme planning;


Operations management; and

Regional geophysics/geology programmes and as well as detailed follow up work.

Geophysics Interpretation & Modelling

Survey planning and contract negotiations;

Data compilation and processing;

Forward and inversion 3D modelling at project level and detailed prospect level; and

Interpretation and integration with other geological data.

Licensing and Compliance

Applications and tenure management; and

Reporting and compliance with legal framework.
Aarhus Geophysics are a team of international geophysical consultants, specialising in airborne geophysical data processing, modelling, inversion and interpretation, as well as R&D. Our team comes from various backgrounds, including mining, environmental and groundwater and academia. We operate worldwide and provide consulting services in the field ... Moreof applied geophysics.

We have past and current partnerships and affiliations with government and research institutions, including University of Aarhus, CSIRO, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV), Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) and Norwegian geotechnical institute (NGI) and use state of the art software for data processing, visualization, modelling inversion and storage. We have our own computational facilities, which allow us to commercially model and invert large scale airborne data sets.

Our clients are involved with mining sector (Alrosa, Anglo American, Areva, Avannaa resources, BHP, First Quantum, MMG, Rio Tinto, Sama Resources, Sandfire, TMAC resources and many others); oil and gas sector (Suncor, Geoscience BC); groundwater and environmental studies (Artesia, BRGM, CNR, Department of Water, Geoscience BC, GEUS, Liag, USGS and others) and research (CSIRO, Stanford University).
Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc (AGCOS) is based in Toronto, Canada and is a leading manufacturer of broadband multifunction ground and marine electromagnetic (EM) instruments and accessories for investigation of electrical properties distribution from 0 to 150,000m depth interval and a wide range of onshore and offshore applications, ... Moreincluding mining, oil & gas, geothermal, groundwater and kimberlites exploration, geological engineering, wide range of subsurface mapping, monitoring, research, studies, analysis and scientific investigations.

AGCOS offers a full spectrum of geophysical services, including cost-effective and quality ground EM surveys, data collection, processing and interpretation, field and classroom training, consulting, project technical support and supervision, equipment and software sales, repair and testing services.
AusGeos provides innovative Exploration & Production services, including all Seismic Data Processing, "Australian Exploration Datapacks" (integrated information for new basin entrants and active E & P companies in Kingdom format), and Geological and Geophysical Consulting. Our offices are located in Perth, WA and Adelaide, SA. ... More

High quality seismic processing solutions (2D, 3D, land, marine and transition zone)

Oil, gas and minerals exploration

Near surface definition

NEW PLAYS FROM OLD BASINS™ - Conventional and unconventional basin evaluation services

Consultants and teams

Seismic survey (acquisition) design

In-field seismic processing, including nodal / expert in Fairfield ZNodal

Seismic QC (land, marine)

3D data Merging / MegaMerge

Crooked line processing

Interpretation, mapping & prospect generation

Our people are all highly experienced consultants. We are available as individuals, or as complete teams to work on your specific projects. We only retain uniquely experienced & creative senior staff.

Further specialties and consulting services include:

Structural and stratigraphic interpretation

'Strata’ / Extended Elastic Impedance Seismic (AI) Inversion for porosity and gas

AVO & attribute analysis and other high-end geophysical techniques


Structural geology / seal analysis

Microseismic monitoring for frac analysis, CO2 sequestration, steam flood, water injection etc.


Gravity & magnetics

Our R&D technologies provide our clients with leading edge entry points in conventional and unconventional exploration.
Australian Downhole Geophysics is a geophysical services provider headquartered in Muswellbrook, New South Wales. Our people are our greatest asset. We offer a wide range of land-based mineral exploration geophysical services, including: Geophysics Services ... More





Research & Development
Baigent Geosciences was established in 1995 as a service to the mineral and oil.gas exploration industry. We specialise in all aspects of potential field and radiometric geophysical surveys. Since its inception, Baigent Geosciences primary objective has been to provide an expert service in the processing and QC of airborne geophysical data independent ... Moreof the data acquisition. In this way, geoscientists are assured on the best available data integrity and quality.

We have processed many millions of kilometres of data since the creation of the company. This includes new acquisition and reprocessing.

Baigent Geosciences also provide consulting service for survey design, project management and data processing. We have been used by many companies over the years both small and large public companies as well as many government agencies both in Australia and overseas.

Baigent Geosciences is highly regarded by geologists and geophysicists for its breadth of knowledge, professionalism, expertise and honesty.
Discover mineral exploration geophysical consultants and service providers in Australia. Geophysical consultants play a key role in the mining and mineral exploration industries, primarily during preliminary exploration stages of greenfield and brownfield mineral exploration projects.

Connect with industry-leading geophysical consultants and experts providing services such as:

  • Desktop studies (e.g. local and regional geophysical data review and (re)interpretation)
  • Geophysical survey design (e.g. selection of land and airborne geophysical exploratory techniques)
  • Geophysical data processing and interpretation (e.g. 2D and 3D seismic data review; wireline geophysical logging processing and interpretation)