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FleetCrew offers market leading hire vehicles and maintenance services for mining, construction, commercial and recreational use. Hire At FleetCrew we offer specialist vehicles for short term or long-term hire. Our quality fleet comprises of recent-model 4WDs, 2WDs, Utilities, Trailers and Buses that are reliable, purpose built and compliant to the ... Moremost stringent site standards

Mine Spec Hire Vehicles
At Fleet Crew, we pride ourselves on tailoring our Toyota vehicles to meet the mining specifications required by our customers. Regardless of the owner or operator of the mine site, we can get you onsite in a quality Mine Spec vehicle and you can even add additional specifications needed to operate efficiently. Our ongoing support network and extensive maintenance program will ensure maximum productivity.

Construction & Infrastructure Hire Vehicles
Our Construction and Infrastructure Hire vehicles offer specifications and functionality customised to suit your specific needs. From rotating beacons, reverse beepers and UHF radios to a canopy or ladder rack, our vehicles are of the highest quality and offer great value for money.

Recreational 4WD Hire Vehicles
We provide high quality vehicles for recreational hire that are fitted out to suit recreational purposes. With some features including tow bars, upgraded suspension for extra clearance and automatic or heavy-duty clutch, our recreational vehicles are allowed off road including on the beach. For the larger group, we offer recreational vehicles with additional seating.

Maintenance Services
Our fleet or yours, our focus is to keep you on the road and minimise any down time. Built on the foundation of our knowledge of maintaining our own fleet, we offer our customers’ access to that same great maintenance program for their own fleet. Including preventative maintenance checks, vehicle detailing, weed and seed washers, suspension repairs and upgrades including GVM upgrades.
Corefleet's key service offering, for the past 40+ years, has been light commercial vehicle Rental Solutions. Today, Corefleet has 1000s of specialised light commercial vehicles deployed in most major mining and civil construction projects and operations across Australia.... More

Our vehicle range includes and is not limited to 2WD and 4WD: dual & single cab utes, large tray back utes, large wagons, troop carriers. small to large buses and custom built commercial vehicles to suit specialist applications.

Corefleet is an integral partner in the fleet management activities of a large number of Australian companies providing short, medium and long-term solutions for many different vehicle applications.

Corefleet offers excellent national coverage with our branch locations throughout Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. In addition, Corefleet's network of agencies allows us to service customers right across Australia.

In Western Australia, Corefleet's Pilbara and Goldfields locations support the company's strong presence in the mining industry.

In Queensland our operating network is strategically located to service the major mining basins, while in NSW our services extend from Newcastle into the Hunter region.
Find mine spec 4WD vehicles to rent, hire, lease or buy in Australia.

Mine spec vehicles are used extensively by mining companies, contractors and service providers throughout the Australian mining industry. Mine spec vehicles are typically standard 4WD vehicles which have been customised with additional aftermarket add-on accessories to increase the vehicle's safety, visibility, performance, and accessibility throughout open cut and underground mines.

Typical mine spec accessories and requirements for light vehicles include (but are not limited to) call sign ID stickers, dune pole/flag, fire extinguisher, rotating amber light, elevated tail lights, first aid kit, headlights/tail-lights on, reverse beeper, reverse squawker, hi-vis tape, wheel chocks, wheel nut indicators, traffic control equipment (i.e. triangles), in-vehicle monitoring system (IVMS), roll-over protection systems (ROPS), VHF and UHF radio, spare wheels, bull and tow bars, pre-start inspection book, emergency and safety procedures, dynamic brake test, hand brake alarm, starter motor isolator, jump-start receptacle, ANCAP 5-star rating, weed and seed certificate, recovery snatch strap, recovery tow rope, D-shackles, shovel, dampener bag, removable recovery hitch, MaxTrax, and cargo barrier.

Typical mine spec 4WD vehicle make and models include Toyota HiLux Dual Cab 4WDs, Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series Dual/Single Cabs, Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series Troop Carrier 4WDs, Toyota Landcruiser Prado 4WDs and Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series 4WDs.