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Borehole Wireline was established in 2005 with the burning ambition to provide the highest quality wireline services to the Australian mining industry. Since that time, Borehole Wireline has established an enviable track record in the provision of quality logging data in a safe and reliable manner.... More

Our clients, both large and small, all receive the same high quality service and results, whether their projects be based in Australia or overseas.

Being Australian owned and operated with a head office in Adelaide and bases in the Pilbara, Darwin and in the Bowen Basin, Borehole Wireline is well placed to accurately and cost effectively define a wide range of resources.

These include coal, iron ore, uranium and assisting in geotechnical investigations.

When you work with Borehole Wireline you enjoy the benefit of many years of experience in providing timely and accurate results, even in the most remote and trying conditions.

This experience combined with qualified people, high quality equipment and a dedication to back up systems and safety, means that you are in reliable hands when speed and accuracy matter.

Mobilising from Darwin, Alice Springs (NT) – Moranbah (Qld) – Adelaide (SA) – Newman, Paraburdoo (WA).
For over 40 years Robertson Geo has pioneered the development of wireline logging instrumentation technologies and techniques. The comprehensive range of geophysical logging solutions and software is developed and built at its North Wales manufacturing and calibration centre. On-site test facilities include a 100m test borehole, calibration blocks, ... Moreovens and autoclaves capable of testing complete probe assemblies in “real world” conditions, providing a full suite of traceable calibration and quality assurance data.

From the Arctic to Australia, from coal mines to windfarms, energy developments to sky-reaching superstructures, Robertson Geo technologies have been used to acquire quality geophysical data from over 160 countries around the globe. As an end user of its own products, the Robertson Geo engineering feedback loop from direct field experience fosters a continuous improvement culture driven by own use, leading to mature systems that are truly "industry hardened" innovative products.

No project is too small, no project too large or challenging.
Australian Downhole Geophysics is a geophysical services provider headquartered in Muswellbrook, New South Wales. Our people are our greatest asset. We offer a wide range of land-based mineral exploration geophysical services, including: Geophysics Services ... More





Research & Development
Downhole Surveys is an innovative Western Australian rental business with a global reach, providing precision downhole instruments to the civil engineering, mining, exploration and drilling industries. With 30 years' experience, Downhole Surveys are the absolute authority when it comes to directional surveying technology and techniques, and through ... Moreconstant research and development have become recognised as the leader in bringing innovative technology to the industry.

We specialise in selecting the best downhole survey instrument, running gear and survey method for each project, ensuring absolute precision on every survey campaign.
GeoLog is a quality provider of geophysical logs based in Hervey Bay, Queensland. We pride ourselves in fast response and attention to detail, providing maximum value to our clients. We understand the value of accurate drill hole data provided in a timely manner. All our tools are calibrated to industry standard and all data can be provided onsite ... Morein paper copy and a range of digital formats.

With industry leading Robertson Geo tools and modern custom designed vehicles, our service is extremely reliable and safe. Tailored for tough Australian conditions and strict industry compliance our fleet services a growing list of clients including coal exploration sites and mines across the state.

GeoLog currently provides wireline services for drilling programs across the major Queensland coal basins with full-time units servicing the Bowen, Galilee, Surat and Maryborough Basins, as well as more remote locations.

GeoLog downhole data collection and logging services include:


Triple Density, Caliper, Gamma, Temperature



Full Waveform Sonic

Borehole Acoustoc Televiewer (ATV)

Reflex Gyro (Gyroscopic Verticality)
Australian owned and operated, Logging Down Under (LDU) has been a proud Central Queensland provider of borehole logging services since its establishment in 2006. Our team has more than 60 years of combined industry experience; our team is recognised for efficient and quality service.... More

Logging Down Under provides complete Borehole logging services for projects large and small. 

Data Processing
Logging Down Under Utilises WellCAD log interpretation software, which combines comprehensive graphic editing mechanisms and data processing tools.

Combining technically excellent display, editing and analysis capabilities for well data, WellCAD has become the standard log composite software in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Geotechnical society and is used in a wide range of applications.

Borehole Geophysical Logging System
Logging Down Under uses Geovista Intelligent Borehole Logging Systems. Our logging systems with their stackable sondes, offer the best added value in the slimline logging business. Main benefits include a reduction in the number of logging trips in the borehole and the ability to run useful probe combinations together as a single tool string.

Logging Down Under downhole data collection and logging services include:

Dummy Probe

Temperature – Conductivity Sonde

Water Level Indicator

Formation Sidewall Density

Natural Gamma


Three Arm Caliper Sonde

Full Waveform Sonic

Dual Lateral Log

Resistivity Self Potential

Acoustic Televiewer

Optical Televiewer

A Water Truck can be provided upon request to assist in down hole data collection.
MPC Kinetic provides essential upstream services to the energy and resource industries. MPC Kinetic is built on the premise of ensuring our clients have the highest level of confidence while our team delivers their project – from concept through to completion. ... More

We achieve this through effective execution of field-proven, multi-faceted construction capabilities that ensure large-scale resource developments are realised, and by innovating long-term, highly-efficient operation and maintenance solutions.

And it's a successful formula.

MPC Kinetic continues to play key roles in Australia’s largest resource developments and as a result has forged strong, long-term working relationships with most of our country's leading resource sector companies.

The company's breadth of expertise across the Oil and Gas, Mining, Renewable and Water sectors is underpinned by two things – understanding and commitment.

MPC Kinetic can deliver positive project outcomes for its clients because it has a strong understanding of development and operational challenges, and backs this up with a determined pursuit of innovative solutions that deliver maximum benefit.

We are a 'can do' company.

Our clients continue to choose us to deliver their projects because they want a company with field-proven experience to foresees challenges; that has a skilled and diversified management and field team in place to problem solve; and values a company culture that is underpinned by a passion to deliver.
Established in Australia in 1991, RaaX has over 30 years experience conducting innovative research and development into borehole logging systems. Utilising its own BIPS® technology, RaaX can provide detailed scientific analysis of boreholes and ground conditions.... More

Today, the BIPS® has become an essential tool for geotechnical investigations in civil engineering and construction, mining and mineral exploration, and environmental investigation projects. Borehole wireline imagery is an essential tool for geotechnical investigations in civil engineering and infrastructure construction, mining and mineral exploration, as well as environmental projects. RaaX's innovative Borehole wireline Image Processing System (BIPS) provides continuous oriented, high resolution images of vertical as well as inclined borehole walls, in wet or dry conditions.

We are based in Canberra and operate throughout Australia, Asia and the South Pacific. Our clients include civil engineering and environmental consultants, as well as state government and research organisations.
Weatherford is one of the largest multinational oilfield service companies providing innovative solutions, technology and services to the oil and gas industry. The Company operates in over 90 countries and has a network of approximately 800 locations, including manufacturing, service, research and development, and training facilities.
The Wireline Services Group (WSG) are the drill hole data experts. We have offices in Perth, Brisbane and Toronto, along with field bases in ValD'or, Parburdoo, and Mackay. Wireline Services Group has acquired data from over 10 million meters of drilling across three continents. We have crews experienced in underground, surface, barge based and helicopter ... Moresupported drilling programs.

Acquiring quality data is only the start of the journey.

WSG has a dedicated team of geologists and geophysicists who are mandated to provide the best solutions for our client partners. From Gyroscopic survey validation to comprehensive reporting, our Drill Hole Data Services Team are happy to discuss how you can make the most of your data set.

Directional Surveying
We accurately survey the path of your drill hole in any direction, utilising a range of North Seeking Gyroscopic and magnetometer survey tools.

Borehole Visualisation
We measure geotechnical and structural information directly from the borehole face. All data extracted is oriented and recorded in millimetre resolution via:
• Acoustic Televiewer
• Optical Televiewer
• Video inspection

Physical Rock Properties
We take a direct measurement of rock properties in-situ. Accurately calibrated and corrected data allows surface geophysical data to be constrained, delineation of ore bodies and alteration mapping to be carried out quickly from existing boreholes.

Groundwater Characterisation
Employing a range of techniques to acquire information relating to the location, quality and measurement of ground water. This includes:

Flow metres

Casing and screen inspections

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

Fluid conductivity

In-situ fluid sampling

Off Hole Measurements
If your drill hole has missed its target, we can provide drill hole downhole magnetometer and High Powered Down Hole EM surveying to help you locate hole anomalies.
Discover geophysical wireline logging contractors and service providers in Australia offering services such as acoustic televiewer (ATV) and optical televiewer (OTV) borehole imagery, full waveform sonic, density, natural gamma, neutron, and caliper logging.

Connect with industry-leading geophysical wireline logging contractors and service providers offering services such as:

  • Coal - e.g. density, natural gamma, neutron, and resistivity wireline logging
  • Geotechnical - e.g. acoustic televiewer (ATV), optical televiewer (OTV), PS suspension logging, and full waveform sonic wireline logging
  • Integrity - e.g. caliper and verticality wireline logging