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GeoTek Solutions Pty Ltd (GTS) provides geotechnical and engineering geology services, mainly to the open cut mining industry throughout Asia-Pacific. We deliver a niche service based on geological understanding directed at providing engineering solutions, ... Moreparticularly in the areas of open pit geotechnical design, slope stability and risk assessment.

GTS delivers high level technical skills to a wide range of clients, including mining contractors, research organisations, and other consultants and professionals.

Our work is mainly based in Australia, but we have also worked on large projects in Papua New Guinea, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Fiji, Solomon Islands, and the Philippines.

Our core services include:

Geotechnical design for open cut metalliferous and coal mines

Slope stability and geotechnical risk assessments

Support for open cut mining operations

Geotechnical site investigations - terrain evaluation and mapping, borehole logging, sampling and laboratory testing programmes

Feasibility studies for greenfields projects

Sirovision structural mapping and analysis

Monitoring and surveillance of geotechnical hazards

Geotechnical awareness and skills training

Expert opinion, and third party and peer reviews

Research and development

GeoTek Solutions has established trusted relationships with similar and complementary organisations to ensure continuous delivery of a broad range of high level skills.
Sherwood Geotechnical and Research Services (SGRS) is an independent geotechnical consultancy providing services to the Australian mining industry. SGRS has worked on projects ranging from bat caves to reclamations and heavy duty port pavements to slope ... Morestability and slope hazard management for open pit coal mining, foundations, dam designs and certifications, materials testing, and investigations of professional misconduct.
Measured Group is a multi-disciplined, mining services consultancy, focused on providing geology, mining engineering and technical services to the mineral resources industry, financial and legal institutions and government agencies.... More

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Measured Group provides services across the mining value chain, including target generation and greenfield exploration, resource economic evaluation, optimisation studies, operational support, due diligence, independent technical reviews, and expert reports.

We have expertise in an extensive range of commodities including coal, gold, iron ore, graphite, nickel, copper and zinc, and we have supported and continue to support mines and projects in Queensland, New South Wales, South East Asia, Africa, North and South America, Russia and Iran.
Cartledge Mining and Geotechnics (CMG) are geotechnical consultancy specialising in delivering practical and innovative geotechnical solutions to the civil and mining industries. Our approach is grounded in geology and a detailed understanding of the ... Moreground conditions backed-up by a commitment to technical excellence ensure we deliver practical and safe solutions for our clients.

As projects become more complex and delivery times shorten, understanding the ground conditions is critical to developing successful projects. Cartledge Mining and Geotechnics provide geotechnical solutions for your project life-cycle from advisory services through to construction support. Our team have worked on and project managed geotechnically and commercially complex, large civil projects in residential and mining environments, consistently delivering positive outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

Our team have worked for large multi-disciplinary and small boutique consultancies, multi-national mining houses and R&D roles across the globe providing a valuable blend of practical and technical experience.
Blackrock Mining Solutions (BMS) provides professional technical consulting and contracting services to both the mining and civil sectors. Our aim is to deliver quality solutions to our clients by providing a full range of services across the geotechnical ... Moreand mining disciplines. BMS provides a range of geotechnical services to the coal mining industry, including strata characterisation, operational geology and geotechnical consulting, along with having extensive experience in mining method selection studies, mine planning and reserve optimisation. In addition, we specialise in project management and the delivery of project outcomes to clients expectations, particularly in conjunction with our specialist drilling division.

The drilling division has a wide range of expertise in ground pre-consolidation services, fault delineation and gas conformance testing, as well as certain geotechnical testing and core sampling. BMS also provides a range of geological services to the mining industry, including; exploration planning, exploration management, rig supervision, resource evaluation and mining reconciliation.

BMS has senior level staff with many years of experience in the Geotechnical and Coal Mining industries within both Australia and New Zealand, including basins in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australian coalfields, along with New Zealand's various coal basins.

Furthermore, Blackrock Geotechnical, a subsidiary of Blackrock Mining Solutions, provides geotechnical and geological services to the civil engineering industry, including site investigation services, geotechnical drilling/coring, geological logging of rock/soil core, and the generating of geotechnical reports under a chartered professional engineer.
Safety is our nature - true to this philosophy, Geobrugg develops and manufactures protection systems made of high-tensile steel wire. These systems protect against natural hazards such as rockfall, landslides, debris flow and avalanches. They ensure ... Moresafety in mining and tunneling, as well as on motorsport tracks and stop other impacts from falling or flying objects. More than 65 years of experience and close collaboration with research institutes and universities make Geobrugg a pioneer and leading expert in these fields.

Geobrugg has 340 specialists worldwide, production facilities on four continents, as well as branches and partners in over 50 countries. This proximity allows us, to ensure customers quick project implementation with a range of services that includes: needs assessments, consulting, design, testing and system installation. Geobrugg operates as an independent corporation within the Brugg Group, and is headquartered in Romanshorn, Switzerland.

Areas of Application

Rockfall Protection: Geobrugg rockfall protection barriers are able to withstand impact energies of up to 10,000 kJ – this represents world record!

Slope Stabilisation: Netting and meshes are anchored with rock nails and spike plates to actively secure surfaces. The mesh is nearly invisible and facilitates the sustainable revegetation.

Shallow Landslide and Debris Flow Protection: Geobrugg's special solutions ensure particularly efficient and sustainable protection against these natural hazards.

Avalanche Prevention: Geobrugg's flexible protection system reliably retains large volumes of snow. During snow-free periods it also provides effective protection against minor rockfall impacts.

Mining / Tunnels: Meshes and protection systems from Geobrugg are an important safety and efficiency factor in opencast and underground mining as well as in tunnels worldwide: people, machines and infrastructure are also protected in geologically and seismically critical zones. This aids in avoiding work interruptions.

Motorsport Solutions: These solutions can be found on regional and world-renowned race tracks and offer maximum spectator protection. Thanks to the broad spectrum of FIA homologated and accepted motorsport barriers and fences, Geobrugg always offers the optimal solutions to its customers.

Impact Protection: In this area, special solutions are developed in combination with high-tensile steel wire nets that reliably stop flying debris or accelerated objects of all kinds.
For over 40 years Robertson Geo has pioneered the development of wireline logging instrumentation technologies and techniques. The comprehensive range of geophysical logging solutions and software is developed and built at its North Wales manufacturing ... Moreand calibration centre. On-site test facilities include a 100m test borehole, calibration blocks, ovens and autoclaves capable of testing complete probe assemblies in “real world” conditions, providing a full suite of traceable calibration and quality assurance data.

From the Arctic to Australia, from coal mines to windfarms, energy developments to sky-reaching superstructures, Robertson Geo technologies have been used to acquire quality geophysical data from over 160 countries around the globe. As an end user of its own products, the Robertson Geo engineering feedback loop from direct field experience fosters a continuous improvement culture driven by own use, leading to mature systems that are truly "industry hardened" innovative products.

No project is too small, no project too large or challenging.
At Unique Core Products Africa (UCP Africa), we strive for product and service excellence. We offer unbeatable service, with top quality products at the best available price. We are consistently looking for new ways to assist our clients in making their ... Moreprojects as accurate and cost effective as possible.

UCP Africa has been developing and growing over the past 3 years. We recently welcomed aboard new staff members, all with the same UCP Africa attitude to product and service excellence.

Grant Wilson (Managing Director) has managed to establish critical distribution rights for specalist products, which together with their own innovative core solutions, ensures there is a complete product offering for our clients.

We use our extensive experience in the mining and exploration industries, to develop products that provide inherent benifits for all our clients.

The UCP Africa Core Tray Range offers a unique aspect of efficiency, where core access and visibility have played a key role in the design of the tray itself. This makes the UCP Africa core tray work faster, easier and safer than ever before, all done with cost effectiveness still in mind.
Probedrill is a Western Australian based leader in geotechnical site investigation and assessment. Our experienced team of cone penetration testing (CPT) operators specialise in electric friction cone penetration testing (EFCP)/(CPT), piezocone testing ... More(CPTU), seabed cone penetration testing (CPT), dissipation testing, seismic cone penetrometer testing (SCPT), seismic cone penetrometer testing (dual geophone) (SCPT), dilatometer testing (DMT), seismic DMT (SDMT), standpipe installation, soil sampling, piston sampling, dual tube sampling, sediment sampling, electrical vane shear testing, vibrating wire piezometer (VWP) installation, electronic plate load testing, vacuum potholing, ball penetrometer/T-bar penetrometer testing, water sampling, MIP/ROST environmental testing, and resistivity/conductivity testing.

The company has been operational in Western Australia since August 1995. We have progressively updated, expanded and improved our geotechnical services in all areas available for cone penetration testing.

Our site testing services can provide you with the full range of geotechnical data for the mining industry, public infrastructure, building and construction, marine industry and academic research needs.

Probedrill can also mobilise multiple rigs (trucks & rubber-tracked), within the Perth Metro area, for the cost of just one mob/demob!

We use the latest in probing technology and are fully committed to achieving total customer satisfaction.

If required, we can manufacture (or retro-fit) our equipment to meet specific job requirements to suit any special needs (such as horizontal probing through a wall).
Studio Prof. Marchetti was founded by Professor Silvano Marchetti, inventor of the Flat Dilatometer (DMT) and Engineer Diego Marchetti, developer of the Seismic Dilatometer (SDMT) and Medusa DMT, which are protected by international patents.... More

Production, testing and service of the equipment takes place in Studio Prof. Marchetti's offices in Rome, Italy. The equipment is distributed worldwide in over 70 countries, and the tests are coded in international standards such as ASTM, Eurocode and ISO.

Studio Prof. Marchetti invests considerable energy and resources in technological innovation, to enhance its existing products and explore new solutions in geotechnical soil testing. It cooperates with Universities and Institutes on a global-scale for research surrounding geotechnical site investigation and geotechnical engineering.