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Spinifex Pty Ltd is a Queensland based land access consultancy group specialising in facilitating access to land (indigenous and non-indigenous) and negotiating approvals for major resource and infrastructure projects. Spinifex is outcome orientated and provides project development, mining and/or exploration related services.... More

Our Services

Native Title - Spinifex negotiates native title style agreements and develops and prepares strategies for native title discussions.

Cultural Heritage - Spinifex negotiates, advises and manages cultural heritage agreements and act as proponent representatives.

Land Access & Acquisition - Spinifex has a long history of supporting industry’s land and land access requirements.

Field Support - Spinifex has a very experienced team of professionals providing field support.

Professional Placement - Spinifex provides professional in-house and contract staff to work with project teams.
The Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc. (AACAI) is an organisation for professionals working in all fields of contract and public archaeology. It aims to uphold and promote the discipline and to advance the welfare of members. AACAI has a Constitution, a Code of Ethics and a Consulting with Aboriginal Communities Policy Document.... More

It is affiliated with the Australian Archaeological Association Inc and is a Foundation Member of the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.
Australian Cultural Heritage Management (ACHM) is an ISO 9001: 2015, ISO14001:2015 and AS/NZS 4801: 2001 certified leader in cultural heritage management, with the skills, focus and determination to drive your project to completion. A multi-disciplinary team of expert consultants, we manage the heritage requirements of major industrial developments, ... Morecivil works, urban, mining and resources developments while balancing the requirements of statutory authorities and stakeholder groups.

ACHM has extensive experience and expertise managing the cultural heritage requirements of:

Industrial Developments

Minerals and Energy Developments

Urban Developments

Infrastructure Developments

Protected Area Management Projects

Federal, State and Local Government Projects

Representative Bodies

Our dedicated team of professional heritage advisors is available to assist you throughout the entire project lifecycle - providing accurate, timely and cost efficient expert advice.

The ACHM team delivers our full range of professional services throughout Australia.
Founded in 2010, Ethical Engagement Pty Ltd, trading as Ethical Engagement Consultancy (EEC) is a unique collaboration between two experienced practitioners of the dual legal cultures involved in managing Aboriginal cultural heritage and native title.
Everick Heritage Consultants are a leading heritage consultancy with a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team, providing both Aboriginal and historic heritage services. We provide assessment and management advice on cultural heritage values, helping with agreement negotiations and navigate complex legislative and regulatory requirements. We work ... Moreclosely with all parties - from large infrastructure and mining companies to government, national parks and local Aboriginal communities - respecting each one's position to reach positive heritage outcomes and agreements.
Waru Consulting is a leading provider of heritage services in Western Australia. Our main focus is Indigenous heritage but Waru and its staff also have experience in historical and maritime archaeology, historical research and heritage audits. Waru was established in 2008 and has conducted hundreds of archaeological and ethnographic surveys, as well ... Moreas excavations, site salvages and community consultations. Waru continues to work on projects large and small throughout Western Australia, with a wide range of Aboriginal groups.

Our clients include large and small mining companies, government authorities, Aboriginal corporations and land developers operating throughout Western Australia.

Waru is proficient in GIS and can provide clients with spatial data in a variety of formats.

Our team follow safe work practices, are environmentally responsible, understand the need for confidentiality, and practice clear communication. Waru has public liability insurance. Waru has the enviable record of zero safety incidents since its inception in 2008.
Discover cultural heritage and native title service providers in Australia. Land access consultants play a pivotal role in mineral exploration and mining development projects, often acting as the bridge between landholders, permit holders, government bodies and legislation, and indigenous groups and committees.

Connect with industry-leading cultural heritage and native title consultants and experts offering services such as:

  • Native Title - e.g. negotiation and implementation of native title style agreements, such as Right to Negotiate, Ancillary Agreements and Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs)
  • Cultural Heritage - e.g. negotiation and implementation of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Agreements, including Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMP), Native Title Protection Conditions (NTPCs), and Duty of Care style arrangements
  • Land Access - e.g. drafting of Conduct and Compensation Agreements (CCAs) or similar access agreements